Working Together


What is therapy, counseling, or psychotherapy?

Most often we hear the words counseling and therapy used interchangeably, both from those who are attending sessions and mental health professionals. Counseling may be viewed as providing guidance and education about symptoms, diagnoses, and prognosis. Therapy may be viewed as exploration of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors through skillful discussion prompted by the therapist. Most often, a bit of both will occur which can explain why the words are used interchangeably. It is worth the reminder that mental health credentials vary from state to state, which could also influence the language used.

Therapy is a person you have chosen to dedicate a scheduled amount of your time to talk with about your life; to discuss experiences that come with feelings, concerns, hopes, ups, downs, confusing and conflicted thoughts, purpose and goals. Therapy can also be helpful to learn how to be a support to a loved one who may be suffering challenges in their own mental health. Therapy is special and it is unique.

Brittany Provides Individual Therapy For The Following:

  1. Relationship challenges and concerns
  2. How to be a support to a loved one experiencing mental health or addiction challenges
  3. Working to balance the emotional toll of medical diagnoses and mental health conditions
  4. Adjusting to becoming a new parent or blended family
  5. Creating a meaningful life that encompasses choice, communication, self-care, and self-love leading to more feel-good days

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